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Your Trip To Budapest

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Why Should I Visit Hungary?

If you are coming to Hungary for a dental treatment at Duna Dental, we are doing everything to make your visit pleasant and to help you in any way. Here is how we organise everything during your stay.

1. Scheduling the Treatment

Contact us by phone, email or via the Appointment page to schedule and appointment with us. If you write to us we are getting back to you by the next workday to let you know the available time slot for the treatment.

2. Hotel Booking

You don’t have to worry about looking for an accommodation in Budapest. We organize everything for you. We can book a hotel room within walking distance from our dentistry in the city center or if you’d prefer an apartment we can provide you accommodation in our own double room apartment right next to our dentistry.

A special offer: This accommodation is 100% free of charge if you spend more than € 2000 / £1500 for our dental treatments. Ask about the details when you schedule your appointment!

3. Arrival in Hungary

You will be greeted at Budapest Airport arrivals by our transfer driver who will have a pickup board with your name clearly visible. The driver will take you to your accommodation, either to the hotel or to our apartment free of charge.

4. The Treatment

One of our colleagues will meet you on the day of your arrival or the next day at the place you will be staying at a pre-arranged time and will guide youto the Dentistry for the first consultation. Our colleagues will be in touch with you during the whole procedure to help you in any way. Even with the most complex dental procedures you will still have plenty of time between appointments to enjoy your holiday.

5. Checkout

When your dental treatment is finished, you may settle the payment in cash in EUR or by credit card. If you pay in cash, we can give you a 3% discount! You will be receiving a guarantee assurance in writing along with your bill. We are providing you free airport transfer back to Budapest Airport.

There are several direct flights from the major UK airports with the following airlines:

A new route to Budapest from Glasgow is being started by Wizz Air. For more information check out WizzAir website.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we are glad to help you with any information you need!


Why Hungary?

Budapest, the capital city is one of the most attractive destinations for dental tourism. Hungarian dentists are renowned for their international accreditations as well as memberships of international organisations. This is mainly due to the fact that dentistry programs offered by the Hungarian medical universities are top of the class.

Budapest is also a great tourist destination and currently an international tourism hot-spot.

Benefits of a Budapest dental treatment

The duration of the dental procedures and cosmetic dental treatments we are offering is usually 3 to 7 days. This treatment is organised in such a manner that you will have plenty of time to tour Budapest and enjoy its scenic beauty.

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