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Zirconia Crowns in Budapest

Many patients opt to receive a dental crown or cap to cover a broken tooth for a variety of reasons. It might be to make it easier to chew, which reduces stress on the remaining healthy teeth, or it might be purely for cosmetic purposes. Regardless of the reason, the durability and aesthetics of zirconium crowns means that this material is quickly becoming the preferred option around the world, and here at Duna Dental we are leaders in the field of Budapest dentistry offering zirconia dental crowns.

The Strength of Zirconia Dental Crowns

Zirconium crowns are exceptionally strong, and are in fact practically unbreakable. They are less susceptible to the wear and tear that means crowns made from other materials might need to be reattached or even replaced after a number of years. Zirconium crowns are heat treated at extremely high temperatures, which gives them their amazing strength and longevity.

The Aesthetics of Zirconia Dental Crowns

Our Budapest dentistry service uses zirconium crowns that are luminous in appearance, giving them the look of your natural teeth. Zirconium crowns are biocompatible, which means they are completely safe to remain in your mouth, essentially forever. Zirconium crowns are also low-allergen, making them the preferred material for patients who might suffer from a sensitivity to other materials that could be used.

How Much Will You Pay for Your Zirconium Crowns?

While our Budapest dentistry service prides itself on offering amazing prices for top quality work, zirconia dental crowns are generally not the most affordable option when considering dental crowns. When compared to other countries, the price is still sensational, and our price for zirconium crowns start at €275 per unit. This price is a rough guide only, please see our Pricelist for further information.

Perfect for Sensitive Mouths

On occasion, patients who have received dental crowns will experience minor discomfort when consuming food and drink that feels as though it’s too hot or too cold. This is due to the way that certain materials used to construct crowns conduct both heat and cold. When choosing zirconium crowns from our Budapest dentistry service, this too hot/too cold feeling isn’t an issue, since zirconia dental crowns have greatly reduced thermal conductivity – just like a natural tooth. The friendly team at Duna Dental offer crowns in a number of different materials, so please get in touch with us to find out what is best for your needs.

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