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Dental Implants in Budapest

Get your dental implants in Budapest

Missing or broken teeth can understandably affect a person’s confidence. You might feel slightly embarrassed when you laugh or smile, but it simply doesn’t have to be this way.

Duna Dental can restore your smile… and your confidence. Receiving dental implants in Budapest will cost just a fraction of what you would pay in many other countries, so the price is something else to smile about. Duna Dental can take care of your dental implants needs, making missing or broken teeth a thing of the past.

What problems can be solved with dental implants?

Giving you quality dental implants in Budapest is one of our specialties, and our state of the art clinic can restore your smile by replacing one or several missing teeth. In addition to replacing missing teeth, dental implants have the added benefit of preventing bone loss, which occurs when the bone tissue that was supporting a tooth begins to disappear, since the tooth is no longer present.


Bone loss can lead to other dental issues, but your titanium dental implants can minimize bone loss by stimulating the surrounding bone tissue.

So what are some other issues that can be fixed by choosing our dental implants in Budapest?

  • You feel that your face has a “sunken look” that has resulted from missing teeth.
  • Bite issues and problems with your jaw which might occur if your other teeth shift position to compensate for the missing teeth.
  • You have difficulties chewing tough food due to broken or missing teeth.
  • You would prefer a more permanent solution than removable dentures. Two to four implants can be used on each arch to keep the denture in place. Your denture is then far more secure and comfortable.
  • A single missing tooth can be replaced with a single implant and crown, and multiple missing teeth can be replaced with a bridge, secured with two or more implants.
  • Dental implants can be utilized even if all your teeth are broken or missing.
  • Ten or more teeth can be replaced with fixed bridgework, requiring six to eight implants on each arch to create the necessary support.

What exactly will your dental implants be like?

Receiving dental implants in Budapest is an advanced process, and yet it’s straightforward and uncomplicated. Our dental implant team at Duna Dental ensure that your missing teeth are replaced with a minimum of fuss. Small posts are inserted into your jawbone and are then used to anchor replacement teeth, a dental bridge or a complete denture.

We primarily use titanium for our dental implants as this is the safest and most durable material. Implants by Duna Dental will restore your smile to its former glory and look and feel totally natural. You will quickly forget that you ever had missing teeth.


Components of your dental implants

There are three different components to your dental implant. We insert the titanium post into your jawbone, attach a small abutment to support the crown, followed by the secure attachment of the necessary crown, artificial tooth or other prosthesis.

Process of fitting your dental implants

If the thought of receiving dental implants in Budapest or anywhere else makes you uneasy – not to worry, because the process is performed under local anesthetic, making it completely painless. We can also provide further sedation when fitting dental implants in Budapest for more sensitive patients.


  • The first step involved in receiving your dental implants in Budapest is the insertion of the titanium implant itself. A small hole is drilled in your jawbone and the implant is carefully inserted. The gum is then stitched over the implant and is left to heal for a period that ranges from three to six months.
  • The stitches can be removed after just one week and some minor discomfort, swelling or bruising for a few days is perfectly normal at this stage of your dental implants. The titanium implant then settles into your jawbone, making it more secure.
  • Bone tissue grows around your implant, resulting in a totally natural feeling – like its part of your mouth.
  • After a sufficient period of healing, the final stage of your dental implants in Budapest can be completed.
  • We will have inserted a temporary healing screw which is then removed, and a crown, bridge or denture is securely fitted onto the titanium implant. Fixed dentures might have required multiple implants, but these can all be inserted at the same time.

How much will your dental implants cost?

The price for dental implants in Budapest varies depending on each case, but as a guide, you can expect to pay:

  • 215€ for the crown
  • 150€ for the abutment
  • 590€ for the Alpha Bio Implant

This results in a total of 955€, which is a fraction of what an implant can cost in other countries. Receiving your dental implants in Budapest makes great sense, and the actual cost of the surgery including anesthetic is offered for free. Other companies even charge you for the healing screw, but we offer it free of charge when you use Duna Dental for your dental implants Budapest needs. The price varies depending on the nature of the required work, and you might opt for a different implant manufacturer – we offer a full range of top quality implants to choose from so please contact us today to get the best price.

  • Your consultation and x-rays are FREE!
  • Your surgery (including anesthetic) is FREE!
  • Your healing screw is FREE!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information about pricing and the variety of Budapest dental implants available.

We use high quality materials:


Are you a candidate for titanium dental implants in Budapest?

The good news is that most people are perfectly suited to receiving dental implants. Overall good health is important, as are healthy gums. Your jaw needs to have sufficient depth, bone density and quality to support your dental implants.

Additional surgery can prepare a jaw to receive the implants, although this can only be determined after your initial consultation.

Bone grafting and augmentation is possible, as well as the regeneration of bone tissue, but this can extend the time needed to complete your dental implants Budapest. Heavy smokers might also not be suitable for dental implants. If you are in fact not a candidate for titanium dental implants in Budapest – don’t worry. The friendly team at Duna Dental can discuss the other options available to you.

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