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Dental Crowns in Budapest

The term “dental crown” can be a little misleading. We don’t attach a beautiful gold band encrusted with precious stones to your tooth, and a dental crown is simply a cap that is attached to a damaged or broken tooth to give it a totally natural look.

Dental crowns can be prohibitively expensive in many countries, but when choosing the services of our dentist in Budapest, you’ll find that affordable dental crowns of top quality are easy to obtain. Dental crowns in Budapest couldn’t be any easier!

The Benefits of Dental Crowns in Budapest


A dental crown completely covers a damaged tooth, and after the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned and any decay has been removed, an accurate impression is made so that the crown can then be created using state of the art laboratory facilities. Our dentist in Budapest can offer you many different options for the manufacturing of your affordable dental crowns, although durable porcelain is perhaps the most popular option.

What Can Be Expected from Your Dental Crown?

The crown has been created specially to cover and therefore replace the damaged tooth – so it’s a custom made cover, designed to look totally natural. Nobody will be able to tell that the crown fitted by our dentist in Budapest isn’t a natural tooth. After a short while, even you might forget that it’s not a totally natural tooth! Any further tooth decay or damage will be stopped in its tracks with your dental crowns, since the crown will essentially become a new tooth.

Affordable Dental Crowns: How Much Can You Expect to Pay?


The price can vary depending on the materials you decide to have your dental crowns in Budapest manufactured from. Our dentist in Budapest can offer a wide variety of materials for your new crown, and prices start from around 200€ (approximate guide only) – which is far less than you would have to pay in many other countries.

What’s more we don’t charge any extra fee for removing your old crowns if it is needed. This part of the treatment is 100% free of charge!

How Long Will Your Dental Crowns Last?

Just like your natural teeth will undergo wear and tear over the course of time and will require repair and maintenance, your affordable dental crowns might need to be reattached or replaced. This wouldn’t be necessary for many years, and the friendly team at Duna Dental offer a three year guarantee on your dental crowns (conditions apply, please see our Guarantee page for details).

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